Have outstanding professional photography, lovingly gifted by family and friends.

Capture the important moments in your life without compromising on quality. Let your loved ones celebrate with you, with a gift you will cherish forever.

Registry is simple. Decide on what you’d like – it doesn't just have to be an Album, maybe a portrait and a luxury photo album or Wall Set, then your I create your registry and set the gift total. You then share this with friends and family who then choose the amount they want to gift to help fund and celebrate your special occasion.

How does it work?
Gift Registry is gift giving at its best, whether it's professional services or print products, created in three simple steps:


I create a registry page in minutes.
You share it with your family and friends.


As family and friends gift, everyone sees progress towards the goal on the registry page.


Reach your registry goal and have beautifully photographed memories, forever!

Lumitile Emma
01 Kirra No Price
Album Leatherette Crystal

One of the most common questions once a new registry is created, is..."ok, What do I do next?"

There is always more than one way to cook an egg but here are some pointers to get you started!


There's nothing better than receiving an invitation with all the relevant details and direct steps. Invitations can have their own coded registry cards, ask them for a bundle for your invites. If not, you can create your own. Here's some wording to get you started;

"If choosing a gift is not your cup of tea you might like to try our Album Registry"

"All that we ask from you is that you join in celebrating our special day with us.
However, if you decide on a gift, a contribution to our Album Registry would be warmly appreciated"

"If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way.
A gift towards our Album would really make our day".


You'll be surprised as you get closer to your event, be it a wedding or a baby shower, you'll have hoards of friends, colleagues, family interstate or internationally wanting to give you something special. How do we know this? A large majority of our registry gifts are given from a different postcode from the registry location. Work mates always love to be a part of something unique, let them gift you something meaningful.

Head to your registry and hit the share icon. It's that simple.


You can create a private or public event page on Facebook and include those who have been invited to attend then event and add others who you'd to keep up to date with all the relevant details. Or if you'd prefer to keep those not on the social medias in the loop, you can make your own wedding webpage. These are perfect for travel directions, accommodation options and also your gift registry! You can copy and paste your unique registry URL and drop it directly into the event page.

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